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To provide a hub for the most accurate, unbiased nutrition information online. On the internet, factual nutrition and exercise information is hard to find and has become diluted by inaccurate guidance. Our aim is to give you immediate access to optimal nutrition and exercise guidance based on the current evidence in literature.

Our Specialties

Customized nutrition recommendations

Whether you are an athlete who wants to improve athletic performance, an exercise enthusiast who wants to look great and live a healthy lifestyle, or just the Average Jane or Joe who wants to feel and look their best, ShakeBot can help you reach your goals. Our nutrition calculators customize your nutrition strategies around your personal characteristics, based on the information you provide, to unleash your true athletic potential.

Exercise and activity differences taken into consideration

Every athletic activity has its own physiological requirements. For example: a sprinter requires a different nutritional strategy from a long-distance runner; an NFL quarterback requires a different nutritional strategy from an NBA basketball player. ShakeBot takes the details of your exercise and activity to determine the perfect nutrition strategy for you.


Unlike many internet sites that provide misinformation or perpetuate nutrition myths, ShakeBot carefully examines the most current professional research to provide you with reputable, science-based, sports nutrition information. You can trust ShakeBot to bring you closer to your goals.

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